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Local Boxer Wins First Professional Match

An 18-year-old boxer from Yuma, Eric Gutierrez, has gone professional and started his career with a victory in San Luis, Mexico.

Gutierrez fights in the mini flyweight 112 division for Yuma Fight Academy.

He won his first professional match on February 25th via unanimous decision.

Gutierrez has been boxing since he was 12 and says going pro isn’t easy.

“It takes a lot of discipline and to be honest, you have to sacrifice a lot.

You have to be in here every day, train hard,” he said.

He added that it means a lot to represent Yuma and wants to show everybody that they could do something that they like doing, like any sports, and push themselves to know that anyone could make it as a career.

In the first round of his first professional match, Gutierrez knocked down his opponent with a solid left hook.

“When I saw he dropped to the floor, I got really excited, and I was trying to calm myself down because I wasn’t trying to go for the kill right away,” he said.

Gutierrez gives a lot of credit to his coach, Gary Diaz.

“He taught me a lot, like to stay away from trouble and stay away from a lot of things that’s not gonna do you any good,” he said.

Diaz says Gutierrez has what it takes and is determined to be a world champion.

Gutierrez will be going against someone almost twice his age, and Diaz says it’s a mind game.

“I think his mindset again is gonna finish the job.

He’s very strong for that division,” he said.

Gutierrez is looking forward to his next match on Saturday in Glendale, Arizona, and is determined to fix his mistakes and get ready for the next one.

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