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In a recent hearing, the youngest suspect in the Linda Frickey carjacking case was found competent to stand trial.

The judge ruled that 16-year-old Markell Curtis would be able to face trial next month after a mental competency hearing.

Defense attorneys brought up two psychiatrists who worked with children to evaluate Curtis, and they found that he claimed very little mental health issues that would prevent him from understanding his lawyers and the purpose of the trial.

Another 16-year-old suspect, Theophile Fields, underwent a mental evaluation but was deemed unfit for trial and is currently serving a 60-day stint in a mental hospital.

The family of Rikki believes that these competency hearings and the defense’s calls for more evidence are just tactics to drag out the case.

Linda Frickey, a beloved grandmother, was dragged to her death last March, and there are a total of four teens accused of the deadly carjacking.

The trial is set for April 3rd.

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