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A pit bull attack in Virginia Beach has left a young boy with serious injuries, but his mother is thankful he’s alive.

The attack occurred on Wednesday afternoon on Richard Road, and the victim was rushed to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital for treatment of injuries to his right ear, lacerations to his head, and bite marks on the right side of his body.

The boy was walking to the bus stop to pick up his siblings when the dog charged at him.

A neighbor’s video shows the moments before the attack, with the boy appearing cautious of the pit bull.

The dog’s owner, Daniel Hughes, is facing charges for the incident.

Police say the dog was accidentally let out of the house by a visitor, but it’s not the first time it’s been out unattended.

The victim’s mother is grateful to the neighbors who helped save her son’s life, as well as the police officer who stayed in communication with her throughout the ordeal.

Despite the trauma, the mother is urging people to love their family and friends to the fullest.

The boy is set to be released from the hospital later today, and he will have the chance to meet one of the neighbors who helped save his life.

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