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Partial Sunshine Before a Shower Passes Through NH Monday Young Artist’s Inspiring Mural Adorns Waipahu School Campus

Inspirational Message by Young Artist Adorns Waipahu School Campus

Waipahu, Hawaii – A young artist from Waipahu has left a lasting mark on his former elementary school by creating his first-ever mural.

Santos Sabio, a 12-year-old with a passion for art, wanted to send a powerful message to his classmates, demonstrating that they have the ability to achieve their dreams.

Titled “Art Can Be Anything,” the mural embodies Santos’ motivation and inspiration.

The artwork features a heart symbolizing love, a depiction of sugar cane to represent Waipahu’s identity, and a motivational quote encouraging bravery, pushing limits, courage, gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion.

The vibrant colors chosen for the mural reflect the pride of the school and the essence of Waipahu.

Santos found his interest in mural painting when his school collaborated on a project to raise awareness about the dangers of vaping.

The Breathe Aloha mural, created by artist Ken Nishimura, invited students to participate and inspired Santos to embark on his own mural project.

Ken Nishimura, a renowned artist with Keep It Flowing, recognized Santos’ talent and saw an opportunity to nurture a young artist.

The duo approached the mural project with care, seeking permission from the school principal and meticulously planning the artwork.

After gaining approval, Santos received a color composite, and together with Ken, they found a suitable wall on the school campus.

The dedicated young artist and his mentor worked tirelessly over the weekend, completing the mural on Sunday.

“This is my first mural,” Santos proudly expressed.

However, it was not just the artistic accomplishment that impressed Ken Nishimura the most; it was the underlying message of wellness and positivity depicted in Santos’ artwork.

To show his gratitude to Ken Nishimura, Santos created a separate piece of art featuring the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

The gesture touched Ken deeply, as Santos had invested his time and energy in creating a unique gift.

Santos hopes that his mural will motivate and inspire his fellow students when they see the transformative power of art.

Through his creation, he aims to instill a belief in the limitless possibilities that lie within each individual.

In an unrelated news update, stay tuned for information on upcoming roadwork in town and the temporary closure of one of the state’s major attractions for the day.

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