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Yanchen Picks Up Gui Xiao from the Airport: Road Home EP07

In the latest episode of “Road Home,” Yanchen is seen picking up Gui Xiao from the airport.

The two characters seem to have a connection, but their conversation is cryptic.

Gui Xiao is hesitant to drive, but Yanchen assures her that no one has seen her.

The reason for her visit is unclear, but it seems related to work.

They discuss whether they have enough time and Yanchen offers to call the car himself.

Gui Xiao decides to take her time and have a drink before leaving.

The scene ends with her sipping her drink and Yanchen looking on.

“Road Home” is currently trending on iQIYI with multiple subtitles available.

The show can be watched with early access and premium experience exclusively on the iQIYI app or website.

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