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Good morning, it’s March 21st, 2023 and time for the WPTV First Alert Weather forecast.

Jen is here to provide us with the latest updates on the weather.

It’s currently chilly with temperatures in the 40s in the Treasure Coast and 50s across the rest of the area.

In West Palm Beach, temperatures are in the low 60s, feeling chilly for all of us.

However, it’s mostly good news as it will warm up for the rest of the week.

Today’s high is expected to be 77 degrees, which is below the average high of 80 degrees.

Tomorrow, we can expect seasonal temperatures with a high of 81 degrees, but Thursday is still pretty seasonable with a high of 81 degrees.

As we head into the weekend, temperatures will rise significantly, with a high of 88 degrees expected on Saturday.

There’s zero percent chance of rain today, and the winds are turning out of the east by this evening, with the breeze picking up some speed overnight, keeping temperatures milder.

By tomorrow, we can expect to wake up to the 60s all across the area, specifically 66 degrees for that overnight low in West Palm Beach.

The forecast for the next seven days indicates that we’ll be dealing with a breeze out of the east on Wednesday and Thursday, which will make things feel nice as temperatures warm up into the low 80s.

By Friday, we can expect a high of 84 degrees, which is still pretty comfortable out there.

However, as we head into Saturday, temperatures will significantly rise to a high of 88 degrees, near 90.

That’s because of southerly flow returning and eventually out of the southwest.

There is a front moving over the Panhandle North Florida throughout Saturday morning, but it basically stops before it gets to us.

As far as rain chances go, we are expecting a slight chance for showers by Sunday.

That’s all for today’s WPTV First Alert Weather forecast.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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