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Veterans were honored today with parades and events all across the country, including the Sacramento region. In Carmichael, a World War II veteran named Chuck celebrated not only Veterans Day, but also his 100th birthday. However, Chuck didn’t think much of reaching this milestone on Veterans Day, considering it just another day. Chuck is not one to hold back his feelings and even jokingly threatened everyone to leave town before he woke up.

Despite facing health issues such as COPD, arthritis, and congestive heart failure, Chuck continues to persevere. He enjoys playing golf once a week for the company and the thrill of the game.

Taking care of his late wife by himself kept him going, and he is proud to have raised four children, 20 grandchildren, and over 20 great-grandchildren. With less than 1% of World War II veterans still alive, this Veterans Day was particularly special.

When asked about his plans for the future after reaching 100 years old, Chuck simply expressed his desire to enjoy life and take things as they come. Chuck was honored with a special award for his service in World War II by Sacramento County Supervisor Rich Desmond’s office.

We extend our wishes to Chuck for many more healthy years..

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