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A worker on an excavator has fallen into a quarry in St.

Lucie County, according to his family.

The incident occurred when the ground gave way while Kenneth Wright, a father of two daughters and one stepson from Port St.

Lucie, was on the excavator around 12:30 p.m.


The family was told by officials that the water in the quarry was about 35 feet deep, dark, murky, and too dangerous to send in divers.

Vulcan’s sent an underwater camera down and was unable to recover any machinery.

Today, a dive team has been able to get into the water.

Federal investigators from the Mine Safety and Health Administration are on the scene, and the agency is in charge of the investigation.

Vulcan, the company that owns the facility, expressed condolences and said they would work with the parties involved throughout their ongoing recovery efforts and investigation.

The family is extremely upset and shaken, and they said that Kenny Wright loved his job and had recently been promoted.

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