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Woodmore High School in Ohio recently hosted an inclusive kickball game as part of their Disability Awareness Month spirit week.

This event marked the first time that the students with special needs were given the spotlight.

The school had been practicing for months to ensure that every student felt like they were part of the student body.

The game was played with the students with special needs partnering with other students, while cheerleaders and fans cheered them on, making it an authentic sporting event experience.

The game was aimed at giving the group of students, who tend to be isolated from the rest of the student body, a chance to see that they are a part of their school community.

The event capped off the high school’s Ability Awareness Month Spirit Week, an initiative proposed by the Woodmore National Honor Society to give these students a chance to shine and show everyone that inclusion is a core part of this student body.

The aim was to show that these students are capable of making friends, being involved, and doing many of the things that other students do.

Spirit Week will be wrapping up this Sunday with a three versus three basketball tournament, with proceeds benefiting the local Christie’s Corner Restaurant that employs people with special needs and disabilities.

The event was a success, and it was evident that inclusion goes a long way, not just for the individuals, but for their families as well.

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