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Woodland Hills road-rage incident leaves several cars damaged

A road-rage incident in Woodland Hills turned a section of Ventura Boulevard into a demolition derby as a Mustang driver crashed into multiple vehicles.

The incident took place on Wednesday, May 3, around 1:30 p.m.

The shocking incident was captured on security cameras and the cell phone of a utility truck driver.

The 22-year-old driver of the Mustang, identified as Seth Le Point, went on a wild ride, driving recklessly and causing chaos on Ventura Boulevard.

His parents arrived at the scene in an attempt to calm him down and speak with the police.

The footage shows the Mustang driver smashing into several vehicles, moving forwards and backwards, and even reversing over the median.

The scene resembled a demolition derby rather than an ordinary day on the road.

Witnesses who followed the erratic driver described his actions as out of control.

Paul Samph, a plumber driving his work truck, was rear-ended by the Mustang.

He recorded the midday meltdown on his phone and witnessed the driver’s aggressive behavior.

Although the driver did not appear intoxicated, he seemed to be having a bad day.

Paul Samph eventually stepped out of his truck but armed himself with a pipe wrench before approaching the Mustang and the young man behind the wheel.

The driver remained inside the damaged car until the arrival of police and paramedics.

The authorities arrested Seth Le Point and took him into custody.

According to witnesses, Le Point’s parents were shocked by their son’s behavior and had no prior indication that he would act in such a manner.

They expressed surprise and claimed that his actions were completely out of character.

Seth Le Point was arrested in connection with assault with a motor vehicle and taken to jail.

The investigation into the road-rage incident is ongoing, and authorities are working to determine the factors that led to the destructive outburst on Ventura Boulevard.

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