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Woman Makes Incredible Recovery After Major Stroke

A metro Atlanta woman has defied the odds by making an astounding recovery just two weeks after suffering a major stroke.

Her remarkable progress can be attributed to the swift actions of her husband and the dedicated medical team.

The 71-year-old grandmother, Diane Lewis from Fulton County, is now alive and well, thanks to the timely intervention of her loved ones and doctors.

Diane Lewis recalls the frightening experience, stating, “I’m just glad to be able to hear them say ‘Happy Mother’s Day.'” The first signs of trouble appeared as she struggled to fasten her pants and hold her toothbrush.

Concerned, her husband, Ralph Lewis, recognized the stroke warning signs and rushed her to the emergency department at Piedmont Hospital.


Anna Katima, a neurologist at Piedmont, described Diane’s condition upon arrival: she was unable to speak or walk, and brain scans revealed a blockage.

In such cases, the administration of a drug called TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator) is crucial.


Katima emphasized the importance of immediate action, advising individuals to call 911 rather than relying on family members to transport them to the hospital.

In Diane’s case, Dr.

Katima decided that she needed to be transferred from Piedmont Fayette to Piedmont Atlanta for urgent surgery.

However, the early intervention with medication proved successful, eliminating the need for surgical intervention.

Diane regained her speech and motor functions within 90 days, showcasing her remarkable resilience.

Despite her remarkable recovery, Diane will continue to be closely monitored at Piedmont Hospital due to the heightened risk of future strokes.

Nevertheless, she remains optimistic and is eagerly looking forward to the future.

Diane’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of recognizing stroke warning signs and seeking immediate medical attention.

Thanks to the quick actions of her husband and the expertise of her medical team, she has been given a second chance at life.

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