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Leslie Furcron, the woman who was hit and blinded by a bean bag during a protest in La Mesa back in 2020, has just won a $10 million settlement against the city.

In an interview with CBS 8, Furcron said that the settlement won’t take away the pain she still endures daily, but she hopes it will lead to systematic change.

Furcron was protesting police brutality outside the La Mesa Police Department when she was hit by a bean bag round shot by police.

She ended up in the ICU in a medically induced coma and became blind in her left eye.

She still deals with headaches, high blood pressure, and is sensitive to noise and light, and she’s also in need of reconstructive surgery.

Furcron and her attorney both held that this large settlement will serve as a message to police departments everywhere to re-examine certain protocols when dealing with the public.

The city of La Mesa, through its spokesperson, said that it is glad that there is a resolution to this very unfortunate incident.

Furcron no longer lives in La Mesa, having relocated to Nevada to be closer to family.

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