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The Metro Detroit area is experiencing wintry weather on March 13, 2023, according to the 4Warn weather team.

The weather alerts in Southeast Michigan are being monitored closely, and the latest information can be found on the team’s website.

Although it is currently cold with temperatures in the 20s and 30s, warmer weather is expected later in the week, giving a more spring-like feeling.

The snow is tapering down and the sun is expected to return for the middle of the week, but there will be rain on St.

Patrick’s Day.

Although the road temperatures are above freezing, it is still advised to be cautious of slippery surfaces, especially on bridges and overpasses.

The dog in the forecast video seems to enjoy the snow, but some dogs do not like it.

Despite the upcoming warmer weather, it is still necessary to have both snow shovels and umbrellas on hand.

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