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us, the leading edge of the weather system has brought some light showers, but it has weakened significantly and is almost finished. As colder air moves in, the temperatures are dropping, as seen in Sainte Marie being at 30 degrees and Ottawa at 32 degrees. This colder air will be in place for the next system, which is not a significant one, but its timing may result in a few wet snowflakes on Thursday morning. This system will also bring another shot of cold air, preventing any significant warming after it passes.

Snowfall totals will not be impressive and accumulation is unlikely unless you are above 1000 hundred feet. The moisture available for this system is limited, especially up in the northwest. The Berkshires may see a bit of snow, but for most of us, it will just be a few wet snowflakes, especially northwest of 495. The wintry mix will start around 5 am on Thursday, but it will mostly be sleet and freezing rain, with rain to the south and a strip of snow in the middle.

Keep in mind that the ground is still warm from today’s almost 70-degree temperatures, so much of the snow will melt upon contact despite the chilly day tomorrow. By 9 am, it will start to warm up and become mostly a cold rain.

By lunchtime, it will be entirely rain and will mostly be over by the afternoon and Thursday night, with several dry days after that. The liquid content of this system is not much, with only a 10th to 2/10 of an inch of rain.

The areas that will receive the most rainfall, up to a quarter or a half inch, will be the areas where it is too warm for snow. The potential for snow is limited and relies on the exact timing of the cool air.

Tonight will be mostly clear, significantly colder, and breezy with overnight lows between 28 and 38 degrees. Tomorrow will be sunny but windy, with temperatures ranging from 44 to 48 degrees, almost 20 degrees colder than today. Late tomorrow night, after midnight, is when the wintry mix will arrive. Looking ahead, there will be a mix of sunshine and clouds over the next seven days, and the wintry mix will change to cold rain on Thursday afternoon..

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