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A winter storm that hit southeastern Wisconsin on Thursday, March 9, has left thousands of We Energies customers in the dark.

The heavy, wet snow brought down trees and power lines, causing power outages for more than 100,000 customers.

However, as of now, the number of customers without power has reduced to 35,000.

Many areas spent Friday cleaning up after the snowstorm, which flattened the terrain and caused significant damage.

We Energies crews are working to restore power, and they expect to restore power to 85% of the outages by midnight and 98% by the end of Saturday.

The company is getting help from crews across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

The storm has caused a lot of damage, reminiscent of summertime storms, and has left many looking forward to warmer days.

Despite the damage caused by the storm, many people are keeping a positive attitude, like 72-year-old Willie Thornton, who is out shoveling with a smile on his face.

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