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Winter Storm Brings Shocking Weather Shift in Western Wisconsin
Western Wisconsin was hit by a sudden and unexpected winter storm on Sunday, with temperatures dropping from 85° to a snowy 8.5″.

The drastic weather shift has caused surprise and confusion among locals, many of whom were enjoying warm and sunny weather just a few days prior.

The city of La Crosse has been hit particularly hard, with up to 10 inches of snow already accumulated and more expected to fall throughout the night.
Despite the unusual weather event, residents in the affected areas are taking it in stride and enjoying the unique experience of a winter wonderland in April.

Meanwhile, meteorologists are predicting that the snow will continue to fall in Western Wisconsin and some areas may even receive up to a foot of snow.
The rest of the state, including Milwaukee, is not expected to be hit as hard by the storm, but residents are still bracing for colder temperatures and possible snow.

It is a stark reminder that winter can always return unexpectedly, even in the midst of spring.

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