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Currently in Callis, Missoula, and Boseman, conditions are calm this evening. However, gusty winds are expected for your Veterans Day weekend.

The Chief Meteorologist, Brooke Foster, will provide all the details from the weather center. Temperatures this weekend will be slightly above average for this time of year, reaching the 40s and 50s on Saturday. If you plan to attend the Bobcat game on Saturday, be prepared for windy conditions.

The winds are likely to increase throughout the evening, with gusts reaching up to 40 miles per hour. For those attending the football game at Montana Western on Saturday, which is Senior Day, expect high temperatures near 50 degrees.

There will be southwest winds at 10 to 20 mph, and gusts could exceed 30 and 40 mph. The kickoff for the Bobcat game in Boseman is at 1 p.m., with temperatures in the 40s; however, the high temperature for the day will be 51 degrees. Saturday will be characterized by gusty winds, while Sunday will bring mostly sunny skies. Stay tuned for a comprehensive update on the weather..

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