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Former US President Donald Trump’s plane has been parked at Palm Beach International Airport since at least Monday afternoon, which indicates that he is most likely at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Experts suggest that if Trump were to be indicted, the public may not find out about it until later, as he could strike a deal with prosecutors about a surrender date at a later time.

Former DOJ Criminal Division trial attorney Richard Serafini says that if there’s an indictment, it’s not going to be announced at the moment, and the public should look for an indication of him flying to New York or a leak coming out of either his camp or the prosecution camp.

Serafini added that even if a surrender deal is struck today, Trump could agree to turn himself in sometime next week, but everything still depends on if and when there’s an indictment.

Experts say that if Trump is indicted and surrenders, he likely will not spend time in jail or be forced by the New York police to wear handcuffs, though he would have to get fingerprinted, get his mugshot taken and appear before a judge in criminal court.

It is also possible that Trump would charter a different plane to New York if he were to surrender himself to authorities.

However, Trump has a campaign stop for his 2024 presidential bid this weekend in Texas, so even if his plane were to leave PBI, it’s not necessarily on its way to New York.

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