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Georgia Wildlife Experts Warn of Drunk Birds Due to Fermented Berries
Georgia wildlife experts have been receiving reports of drunk birds, and wildlife biologist Todd Schneider says it’s a real thing caused by fermented berries.

“It’s basically the same as us drinking alcohol,” he explains.

Birds that eat sugary berries like dogwood and holly are more likely to feel the effects of the alcohol.

While any bird that eats these berries can become inebriated, the Department of Natural Resources says they mostly see robins and Cedar Wax Wings affected.

The birds can become uncoordinated and even fly into windows, posing a danger to themselves.

However, if you see a bird acting a little tipsy, don’t get too worried.

Not all birds get drunk, and it won’t affect their overall population, Schneider says.

The DNR is urging people to be on the lookout for drunk birds and to help prevent it by limiting the number of berries they leave out for the birds to eat.

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