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Smoke from Canadian wildfires has caused flight delays and disruptions in airports around New York City.

LaGuardia, Newark, and Philadelphia airports have been affected, with arrivals into LaGuardia delayed by up to two hours and departures delayed by 30 minutes.

Newark has experienced delays of 82 minutes, and Philadelphia has seen delays of 29 minutes.

The smoke and haze have also resulted in a ground delay of 30 minutes in Philadelphia.

The impact of the smoke is expected to extend to other airports as the smoke plume moves.

Surprisingly, JFK Airport has not been significantly affected, likely due to wind patterns.

The situation is particularly severe in New York City, where air quality has reached hazardous levels, a rarity in the city’s history.

The New York Health Department has advised everyone to wear masks or stay indoors due to the dangerous air quality.

The smoke has become so thick that it has caused darkness, leading to street lights being turned on during the day.

The source of the smoke is wildfires in Quebec, hundreds of miles away, and it is spreading towards Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

The situation is expected to persist and potentially worsen in the affected areas.

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