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Michael May named new superintendent of Martin County School District Police Activity and Road Closure on Evergreen Way in Everett Following Deadly Incident

Residents and businesses across Utah are cleaning up after a wild and windy day that caused significant damage.

High winds along the Wasatch Front led to downed trees and other property damage, prompting concerns about potential flooding and the need for tree removal.

A warmer storm system is expected to bring more strong winds and slightly warmer temperatures through the weekend.

One family in Sandy woke up to a path of destruction in their neighborhood, with trees strewn across the ground.

Tree removal services are reporting high demand, and homeowners are being urged to take preventative measures to avoid property damage from fallen trees.

If fallen trees are on personal property, homeowners will need to hire a removal service, while trees on roads, power lines, or city property can be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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