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Wichita Falls to Demolish 17 Hazardous or Dilapidated Structures

Wichita Falls City Council has listed 17 hazardous or dilapidated structures for demolition after yesterday’s meeting.

According to the city officials, one of the buildings dates back to the 1950s, and property owners have been given 30 days to take action.

They can either start renovations or demolish the structures themselves.

If no action is taken, the city will take over, leaving the property owners with a hefty bill.

Rita Miller, the neighborhood services manager, explained that the property owner of the old Budget Inn, also known as The Capri Motor Hotel, was contacted last year and given 60 days to take action before the matter was taken before counselors.

However, with only 30 days remaining, the city may have to take over, and the property owner will have to pay a lien for the demolition amount and administrative fees.

Miller added that if the city takes over the property, a specific environmental assessment has to be done, which could take up to six months due to certain funds used to demolish the buildings.

The property owner will retain ownership of the property, but the lien would have to be paid off before they could sell it through a title company.

The demolition of hazardous or dilapidated structures is crucial for the safety of the community.

KFDX 3 News will provide more information on the other structures included on the demolition list in tonight’s broadcast at six.

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