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President Biden’s recent lack of public appearances has raised questions among political observers.

According to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, the President’s schedule has been notably light over the past week, with only a few photo opportunities and a brief appearance at an A.I.

meeting hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris.

This is a departure from Biden’s earlier promises to prove his fitness for office despite concerns about his age.

Additionally, the President has yet to announce a campaign kickoff, hold any rallies, or expand his campaign staff.

Some speculate that this strategy may be similar to the successful one used during his last campaign, in which he was criticized for staying out of the public eye.

Critics have suggested that Biden’s recent absence may be related to his son Hunter’s paternity suit, but no evidence has been provided to support this claim.

Regardless, the lack of public appearances by the President is likely to remain a topic of discussion among political observers.

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