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Whale Washes Ashore at Robert Moses State Park

Another dead whale has washed ashore on Long Island, specifically at Robert Moses State Park.

This discovery was made earlier today and has prompted marine life officials to examine the humpback whale.

So far this year, there have been nine reported cases of stranded humpback whales along the beaches of Long Island and New Jersey.

Similar incidents involving dolphins have also been observed.

Eyewitness News correspondent Johny Fernandez provides an update on the situation.

The sight of the whale surprised many beachgoers, and the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society is currently present to investigate the cause of the whale’s death.

Newscpter 7 captured aerial footage of the humpback whale, which was spotted around sunrise.

New York State Park officials promptly closed off the area and awaited the arrival of the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, who have just arrived on the scene.

The society’s members will commence their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the whale’s demise.

Beachgoers and a spokesperson from the New York State Parks expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One beachgoer remarked that they had never seen such a sight before and found it unusual, despite hearing reports of whales being struck by boats and washing up on shore.

Another spokesperson from the state park mentioned that there were no visible external signs of injury on the whale, similar to previous cases of washed-up whales in the area.

The whale in question measures approximately 18-20 feet long and has garnered the attention of beachgoers.

The spokesperson from the state park informed us that this is the first whale to wash ashore this season.

As the season has just begun, it signifies that this particular whale is among the first to be discovered along the park’s shoreline.

The investigation into the cause of death will continue throughout the day.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by marine life and the importance of understanding and preserving their habitats.

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