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West Palm Beach Considers Imposing Heavy Fines for Hateful Messages on Buildings

The West Palm Beach city leaders are set to vote on an ordinance that would make it a crime to leave hateful messages on buildings in the city.

If passed, violators could face up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine, the maximum punishment allowed by the city ordinance.

The new law would also make it easier for building owners to sue offenders in civil court.

Meanwhile, State troopers are still searching for the driver who shot a man on the turnpike.

The incident occurred near the West Palm Beach Service Plaza on Friday night when the driver of another car tried to merge into the victim’s lane.

The driver then pulled up alongside the victim’s car and fired several rounds into it.

The victim is expected to recover.

In other news, the men’s basketball team of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has advanced to the Sweet 16 after beating Farley Dickinson University in their March Madness match-up last night.

FAU will play against Tennessee this Thursday at 9 PM.

As for the weather, temperatures are expected to be in the low seventies later in the afternoon, but before that, there may be some lingering clouds and showers.

Nonetheless, plenty of sunshine is expected throughout the remainder of the day.

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