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West Palm Beach Experiences Mostly Sunny and Seasonable Weather on St.

Patrick’s Day

West Palm Beach, Florida – On this St.

Patrick’s Day, West Palm Beach residents can expect mostly sunny and seasonable weather.

The dry season has been in full effect for five days now, and the sun is shining brightly over the Palm Beach waterfront.

Temperatures are a bit chilly, with readings ranging from 54 degrees in Tradition to the low 70s in the villages of Oriole 7369 and Whisper Walk.

The sunrise is expected to occur at 7:27 am today, and daytime highs will only reach the low 80s later in the afternoon.

While there are some showers and storms expected over the weekend, today’s mostly sunny weather will provide a great opportunity for outdoor activities.

Although there are no reports of green on the first morning radar, many West Palm Beach residents are donning their best green attire to celebrate St.

Patrick’s Day.

The weather is ideal for those looking to explore the city, with no chance of rain spoiling the day.

Overall, it looks like a perfect day to celebrate the luck of the Irish in West Palm Beach.

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