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West Hollywood City Council Approves Addition of 4 LASD Positions to Address Safety Concerns

In response to mounting safety concerns, the West Hollywood City Council has made the decision to increase the number of L.A.

County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) positions by four.

The move comes as a response to a recent string of crimes that have raised alarm within the community.

Lauren Lyster brings us the details in this report for KTLA 5 News.

Residents of West Hollywood have voiced their worries over the surge in criminal activities, particularly during evenings and weekends.

Instances of drunkenness, disorderly conduct, narcotics offenses, and weapons-related infractions have witnessed a noticeable rise.

Concerned citizens highlighted these issues during the council meeting, emphasizing that the current Block by Block program is insufficient in addressing the growing problem.

One resident shared her personal experience, expressing her deep concern for safety in the city.

She explained how she used to visit West Hollywood with her parents, enjoying outings to places like The Grove without any worries.

However, in recent times, she has developed an extreme fear that accompanies her every day when she leaves work.

During the meeting, public comment also drew attention to specific incidents, including an armed robbery near a restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard in April.

Security footage captured three individuals allegedly committing the crime at gunpoint.

Officials later apprehended the suspects.

Such incidents, among others, further reinforced the need for bolstering law enforcement personnel in West Hollywood.

It should be noted that the city had previously reduced the budget for the Sheriff’s Department last summer, resulting in cuts to personnel.

However, the recent decision to add four LASD positions, including two non-sworn positions, a sheriff’s sergeant, and a deputy, is aimed at improving public safety.

Residents who voiced their concerns argued that the unarmed security ambassadors, employed to assist law enforcement and address issues involving homelessness, are not effective in combating crime or ensuring public safety.

The city had previously reduced the number of security ambassadors by 30 last year.

City officials also provided an update on the crime statistics in West Hollywood.

Overall, Part One serious crimes have decreased, but variations exist across different areas of the city and types of offenses.

The Council acknowledges the importance of addressing these disparities and working towards a safer environment for all residents.

The decision to add four LASD positions signifies West Hollywood’s commitment to enhancing public safety amid rising concerns.

By reinforcing law enforcement resources, the city aims to tackle criminal activities and create a more secure community for its residents.

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