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West High Student Collects Donations to Provide Menstrual Products in School Bathrooms
Jordi Cambara, a senior at West High School in Sioux City, is leading an initiative to provide menstrual products in school bathrooms across the district.

Cambara started collecting tampons and pads to place in the school’s restrooms after hearing from female classmates who said they had to skip class due to a lack of access to these products during their periods.
The idea for the initiative came after a bill that would have provided period products in school bathrooms failed to pass in Des Moines.

Cambara decided to take action and bring the idea to West High School.

He is now accepting donations of tampons and pads and has raised over $350 through a GoFundMe campaign.
While these products have always been available at school, students would often have to ask for them, which could be embarrassing.

By placing the products in the restrooms, Cambara hopes to eliminate this issue and provide easier access to menstrual products for all students.
Cambara’s ultimate goal is to expand the initiative to all high schools and middle schools in Sioux City and then to other districts.

“It gives me a smile and it gives me motivation to keep going because I know that it helps the health and lives of the students around me,” he said.
The initiative has received positive feedback from the community and is making a significant impact on the lives of female students at West High School.

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