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Traycee Green from Pure Platinum visited the studio on Wellness Wednesday to demonstrate various back workouts.

As the week progresses, there is a slight uptick in the weather due to an approaching frontal system.

Kristen welcomed Tracy from Pure Platinum, emphasizing the importance of back exercises for a strong and healthy body.

Traycee began by explaining the different areas of the back that need attention.

She pointed out the upper back, which helps maintain an upright posture, the sides of the back, and the lower back.

She then demonstrated an exercise for the lower back, where she leaned forward towards her toes and lifted her upper back while on her knees.

This simple movement effectively targets the muscles in the lower back.

Moving on to the middle of the back, Traycee suggested using weights.

With a narrow grip, she instructed viewers to bend over and pull straight back with their elbows, activating the muscles in the middle of the back.

For the outer muscles, known as the lats, Traycee recommended wide grip exercises such as pulling or flying motions.

She emphasized the importance of keeping the back flat and maintaining proper form throughout the exercises.

Traycee also introduced a workout for the entire back that involved an added swimming motion.

By touching the hands behind the back and alternating between forward and downward movements, the exercise provided a comprehensive workout for the back, as well as engaging the glutes and hamstrings.

She reminded viewers to listen to their bodies, modify exercises if needed, and never push through pain.

In the following week, Traycee mentioned that they would be discussing oatmeal bars, highlighting the connection between fitness and nutrition.

She encouraged viewers to visit Pure Platinum at 1 o’clock to learn more about the exercises and explore the other services offered.

Pure Platinum provides a range of resources and expert guidance for individuals looking to improve their well-being.

Traycee’s visit to the studio offered valuable insights into effective back workouts and emphasized the importance of incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine.

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