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The ‘Weirye Tram’ construction begins…

Hope to solve the transportation problem in Weirye New City
The old streetcar, Tram, which hid in Seoul in 1968, is coming back.

Seoul City held a groundbreaking ceremony for the ‘Weirye Tram,’ aiming to open it in 2025.

Reporter Yoo Deok-gi has more news from Seoul.
To achieve its goal, the Weirye Tram, a streetcar, will run on a 5.4km line from Machen Station on Subway Line 5 to Bokjeong Station and Namilhae Station on Line 8, passing through Weirye New City in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province from north to south.

The transportation capacity of each car is 260 passengers, which is equivalent to four buses.
When it is completed, the traffic problems that residents of Weirye New City have been experiencing during their daily commutes are expected to be significantly alleviated.

However, near the groundbreaking ceremony, a picket protest calling for a change in the location of the Geoye-Machen Station was held.
Seoul City will expand its support for repair loans for old, low-rise houses.

If you are a homeowner of a savings home for over 20 years, you can receive a loan of up to KRW 60 million at an annual interest rate of 0.7% for 80% of the repair costs.

Applications will be accepted from the 1st of next month, and those who want to apply can visit Woori Bank in their residential district to confirm their eligibility for a loan and submit relevant documents to the local district office.

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