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Title: Weekend Weather: Mild Temperatures and Scattered Thunderstorms Expected

As the weekend approaches, residents can expect a mix of mild temperatures and the possibility of scattered thunderstorms.

While there will be periods of dry weather, there are chances of rain throughout the weekend.

The first round of showers may occur on Saturday morning, although they are expected to be light and scattered.

A better chance for showers and storms is anticipated late on Saturday night, continuing into Sunday.

Meteorologists are optimistic about the overall weekend forecast, stating that it should be a pretty good weekend compared to previous weekends.

Despite the potential for rain, it is still expected to be a fantastic weekend for outdoor activities.

The weather on Friday remained pleasant, with temperatures reaching a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit in Milwaukee before a lake breeze started to lower temperatures near the lakeshore.

Currently, temperatures across southeastern Wisconsin are mild, with Racine recording 61 degrees, White Water at 66 degrees, and Burlington at 65 degrees.

The evening will remain mild, with cloud cover acting as a blanket to retain some of the day’s heat.

Overnight temperatures are expected to hover in the 50s and lower, and lakeside locations are likely to remain in the 50s and 60s on Saturday due to the prominence of the lake breeze.

Inland areas, however, can expect temperatures to climb into the lower and middle 70s.

While warmer weather is expected, the weekend forecast also includes the possibility of unsettled weather.

However, meteorologists assure that it won’t be a complete washout.

The best chances for rain are likely to occur during overnight periods, and temperatures near the lake will be cooler.

Light rain is already visible in central Wisconsin, approaching Madison but remaining dry in southeastern Wisconsin.

The rain extends back to Iowa, with severe weather occurring in Nebraska.

The weather pattern is influenced by a frontal boundary draped across the state, and two disturbances are expected to affect the region over the weekend.

The first disturbance will occur tonight, with the best chances of showers northwest of Milwaukee.

The city itself is expected to stay dry.

A small chance of showers persists on Saturday morning, followed by a dry afternoon.

However, a better chance of showers and storms is predicted for early Sunday morning, with the potential for a return of showers Sunday night into Monday.

The rainfall is expected to be scattered, with not much expected for Milwaukee and areas to the south and northwest.

The overnight low temperature is forecasted at 52 degrees, while Saturday’s high in Milwaukee is predicted to reach 64 degrees, with inland areas reaching 72 degrees.

The seven-day forecast indicates that rain chances should not deter weekend plans entirely, but it is advised to stay updated with the latest forecasts and timing.

Wednesday’s temperature is expected to reach 73 degrees, and Monday holds the best chance of rain during the seven-day period, with the likelihood of storms.

As the weekend approaches, residents are advised to stay informed and prepared for potential rain showers and thunderstorms.

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