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Title: Weekend Road Closures Announced for Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

As the highly anticipated Miami Grand Prix approaches, preparations are underway, including road closures that will affect both attendees and local residents.

Austin Carter provides the latest updates on the closures and advises on what people need to know.

The Miami Race Week is gaining momentum leading up to tomorrow’s Grand Prix event at Hardluck Stadium, which is expected to draw a large crowd.

Today’s schedule includes the third practice session at 12:30, followed by the qualifying session at 4:00.

The main event, Race Day, will commence tomorrow at 3:30.

However, it is important to note that significant traffic is expected due to the influx of racegoers.

For those planning to attend the race, it is crucial to be aware of the road closures that may impact travel plans.

Austin Carter provides further details on the affected areas.

Firstly, the closure along the Turnpike will affect the off-ramps leading to Northwest 199 Street in both directions.

Additionally, there will be a closure in the vicinity of Hardluck Stadium.

Specifically, Northwest 199 Street will be closed in both directions between 27th Avenue to the west and slightly east of the Turnpike.

Another closure will occur along 27th Avenue from 191st Street up to 203rd Street.

The article also mentions Sunday’s closures, although they are relatively less impactful.

There will still be some closures, including a section of the Turnpike leading to 199th Street, which will remain closed until 10:00.

However, roads surrounding the stadium will experience closures from 5:00 to 8:00.

The organizers of the Miami Grand Prix have coordinated these road closures to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Although they may cause inconveniences for local residents and commuters, they are necessary to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of attendees.

It is advisable for individuals not attending the race to plan alternative routes or adjust their schedules accordingly.

In conclusion, as Miami gears up for the Grand Prix, road closures will be in effect throughout the weekend.

The organizers are working diligently to minimize disruptions and ensure a successful event.

Stay updated with the latest traffic advisories and plan your travel accordingly to navigate the affected areas smoothly.

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