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[Music] Alright, we’re experiencing intermittent breaks from the rain. At times, the rain is heavy, but we will have to adjust to this pattern throughout the weekend.

This on-and-off mechanism allows the rain to soak into the soil, which is beneficial. It reminds me of those old dish soap commercials from the 70s where they would say “you’re soaking in it”. So, we are literally soaking in the rain, and that’s a good thing.

The moisture continues to come up from the southwest and move across the valley, appearing as rain on the radar. This is what we want to see – the water vapor transforming into liquid and falling over the valley. The future radar shows another bundle of rain coming in the next hour, and this cycle will continue.

On Saturday overnight and into tomorrow, we can expect an 80% chance of rain. This system works with a surface low offshore left behind by the frontal boundary, cool air coming in behind the cold front, and upper-level low pressure in Mexico driving the moisture our way.

It’s like a rain engine with fuel and a spark plug that keeps it going. The intensity may decrease slightly on Saturday but will pick back up on Sunday. The rain will constantly ebb and flow this weekend, giving us a good chance of rain throughout. It won’t rain every minute, but there will be a chance every minute of both days.

Even on Monday, the opportunity for rain remains. We may receive an additional two to three inches of rain on top of what we’ve already seen. This won’t be a problem as we can soak it up.

Just be cautious of any fast accumulation of rain that could cause flooding, particularly at certain intersections or frontage roads prone to ponding water. In general, around 3 inches in the Mallen Harlingen area and up to 2.5 inches in some spots in the Watershed is expected.

This is beneficial for the Watershed in Northeast Mexico and allows us to collect water in reservoirs. Remember to drive safely, especially considering the rain.

Slow down, leave early, and maintain a safe distance between cars. Tonight’s temperature will be 58 degrees, and it will be rainy and chilly outside. The rain will continue until around Monday, and then the rest of the week looks sunny and warmer, reaching around 80 degrees.

I like to poke fun at Houston drivers, but it’s understandable – it’s a big city with far distances to cover..

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