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Rain Easing to Scattered Showers This Afternoon with More Clearing Ahead: Third Day of Spring Brings Relief from Wild Weather. Virginia Beach Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Office Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

FOX 13 Seattle – Seattle, WA: The weekend forecast for Seattle includes a few showers, but for much of Saturday, it is expected to be dry.

Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-50s with sun breaks and showers for the lowlands, mid-40s for the foothills, and small hail possible for the coast with temperatures around 47.

The mountains over Snoqualmie Pass are expected to have little to no new snow, which is good news for travelers.

Futurecast shows that the showers will be a hit or miss with downpours and the possibility of small hail in some areas.

Sunday is expected to be wetter and soggier with rounds of rain on Monday.

The shower chances will decrease on Tuesday, followed by dry and sunny weather on Wednesday and Thursday, which is St.

Patrick’s Day.

Temperatures will reach up to 57 on Thursday.

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