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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

It’s nice to see the cooler weather in the mornings, as it helps to bring people into the holiday spirit. Currently, the temperature is 79° in Phoenix with sunny skies. If you have any outdoor activities planned, the rest of the valley is in the mid 70s.

Scottsdale is 77°, Deer Valley is 76°, Peoria is 76°, Avondale is 78°, and Ahwatukee is 77°. Moving further north, Pinetop is cooler at 52°, and as the sun begins to set, the skies are calm and display beautiful colors.

In the High Country, Flagstaff is at 49°, Winslow is at 59°, Sholo is at 52°, and Prescott is at 62°. Looking at the upcoming week, we can expect slightly warmer weather due to the presence of high pressure. However, as the week progresses, a system developing in the Pacific will move into Arizona, bringing cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain. Although the chance of rain is not high, it’s worth noting as it will be the first significant rainfall since September 12th.

Thursday and Friday will have a 20% chance of rain, so we can look forward to that. In terms of temperatures across Arizona, there will be a slight increase in the next couple of days due to the high pressure system. Cottonwood will have temperatures in the mid-70s, Heber in the mid-60s, and Pinetop at 65°.

As for the valley, we will be slightly above the average temperature for this time of the year, which is 79°. On Monday and Tuesday, temperatures will reach the mid to upper 80s, but once the system moves in, temperatures will drop back down to the mid-70s by the end of the week. There is a 10% chance of rain on Wednesday evening, but the best chance will be on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning.

The lows will be in the 60s, giving a true fall feeling by the end of the week..

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