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Waukesha Police Release Bodycam Video of Fatal Shooting Incident

Waukesha police have recently released body camera footage of a tragic incident that occurred on December 14, 2022, resulting in the death of Katie Powers and injuries to two police officers.

The incident took place at a residence on Oakdale Drive after officers responded to reports of suspicious activity involving someone drilling into the foundation of a duplex.

The newly revealed video captures the chaotic moments leading up to the shooting, as officers encountered a barricaded door and had to navigate their way into the basement where Powers was located.

Authorities have stated that Katie Powers, a 40-year-old woman with a history of mental illness, had become increasingly unstable prior to the incident.

The footage shows officers instructing Powers to show her hand and demanding her compliance as they attempted to reach her in the basement.

According to investigators, the officers discovered Powers with a shank, accompanied by her son, who later revealed that his mother had given him an ice pick before he dropped it and fled upstairs.

As the officers cautiously approached Powers, she allegedly reached for the ice pick, prompting one officer to draw his firearm while the other aimed a Taser.

Despite their attempts to de-escalate the situation, Powers swiftly retrieved a pistol from her waistband and shot one of the officers.

In response, the injured officer returned fire, ultimately resulting in Powers’ death.

Fortunately, both officers managed to escape the basement unharmed.

The severity of the situation became apparent as authorities later confirmed that one of the officers was not wearing his ballistic vest at the time of the incident.

Experts believe that had he not been fortunate enough to avoid a direct hit, the outcome could have been far more tragic.

In March, the Waukesha County District Attorney concluded that the officers’ use of deadly force was justified given the circumstances.

This recent release of the body camera footage offers the public an opportunity to witness the events that unfolded during that fateful day.

Viewers are advised that the video can be disturbing.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement when responding to individuals experiencing mental health crises.

The Waukesha Police Department has expressed its commitment to continuously improving its protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of both officers and the community they serve.

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