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Police release chilling surveillance footage of Tennessee school shooting that claimed six lives, including three children. Senate Staffer Stabbed in Vicious Random Attack in DC Neighborhood

A Washington state couple was found brutally murdered in their home on Friday.

The police say that the victims had a history with their killer, who they believe was a truck driver from Texas.

The suspect met the victims, a 33-year-old software developer and her husband, through a chat room that was frequented by Farsi-speaking individuals seeking jobs in tech.

The victim had initially befriended the suspect, believing he was looking for a job.

However, his behavior eventually became fixated on her, causing her to become concerned for her safety.

In December of 2022, she reported him to the police and applied for a protection order earlier this month.

The order detailed a pattern of disturbing behavior, including calling the victim a hundred times in a single day, showing up unannounced at a convention she attended in Colorado, and threatening to burn himself and a tree in front of her house.

The victim’s mother was also in the home at the time of the murders and managed to escape and call 9-1-1.

The suspect later turned the gun on himself.

The victim’s former colleagues expressed shock at her death, describing her as a kind-hearted individual.

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