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Washington D.C.

welcomes its first-ever bar with an entirely non-alcoholic menu.

Binge Bar was founded by Gigi Arandid, who struggled with alcohol addiction and became a “bench drinker” before getting a DUI and being introduced to AAA rooms to clear her record.

The incident inspired her to create a place where people can have a night out with friends without worrying about negative effects on their body or pockets.

Binge Bar offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks such as sangria, pineapple smash, and cherry bomb spritzer.

Non-alcoholic drink sales in the U.S.

grew 20% from the previous year, driven by Gen Z and Millennials.

Binge Bar is just the latest addition to a growing trend of non-alcoholic bars across the country.

Lauren Chitwood, co-founder of Spiritless, a non-alcoholic spirits company, believes that the trend is worth the bar tab.

NBC’s Gary Grumbach tried some of Binge Bar’s non-alcoholic drinks and reported that they taste just as good as their alcoholic counterparts.

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