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Washington County in southwestern Utah has appointed a new water conservation boss, signaling potential significant changes in water conservation efforts.

Doug Bennett, previously the Conservation Manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, has taken on a similar role in the Washington County Water Conservancy District.

Having successfully implemented stringent water conservation measures in Las Vegas, Bennett aims to export similar policies to the St.

George area.

His focus includes cracking down on water wastage, particularly non-functional turf grass that consumes a considerable amount of water.

The goal is not to create barren landscapes but to replace non-functional turf with water-efficient plant species.

Environmentalists and government leaders have shown excitement about Bennett’s hiring, seeing it as a positive step toward more forward-thinking water conservation practices.

The Great Basin Water Network, an environmental group working in Nevada and Utah, believes Washington County can learn from Southern Nevada’s successful water conservation efforts.

With substantial investments being made in the region, totaling over $100 million, the future of water conservation looks promising for Southern Utah.

Bennett’s mission is to involve the community in setting conservation goals that benefit everyone, aiming to find better ways to use water rather than completely restricting its usage.

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