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Center in San Francisco as the Golden State Warriors clinched a dominant victory over the Lakers in Game 2.

The game saw the Warriors hitting threes and Steph setting up his teammates.

Dub Nation was on their feet as 18,000 fans poured out of the Chase Center fired up by the team’s performance.

The energy was palpable as fans enjoyed the beautiful display of three-point shooting.

The joy that the team brings goes beyond the four corners of the court and out into the entire community, as demonstrated by the Warriors inspiring fans around the world, such as a kid from Toronto and a 19-year-old youth born in the Congo.

Despite the Lakers team rivalry hitting close to home, fans from across the region came to see LeBron play.

The game was sold out for the 475th straight home game, the longest streak in team history.

The Warriors gave out their community Service Impact Warrior Award at halftime, and the recipient, Kylie Watt, summed up how thrilling it was to be a part of the sense of community that the Warriors have.

With this win, Golden State guaranteed a Game five at home on Wednesday night, and Dub Nation will be back for another game there at Chase Center.

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