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Warning Issued Over Democrats’ ‘Lurch to the Left’

Economist Stephen Moore has raised concerns about what he calls a “dangerous trend” within the Democratic Party, as he reacts to the news that a former aide of New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the head of the New York Communist Party.

Moore, during an interview on Fox Business, discussed his op-ed highlighting the threat to jobs posed by the green movement.

Moore expressed his surprise at someone openly identifying as a communist in the 21st century, stating that the term seemed outdated.

He shared an anecdote about his experiences speaking on college campuses, where he promotes the benefits of the free enterprise system and warns against the dangers of socialism and communism.

Moore revealed that he often receives feedback from immigrants who fled communist countries, expressing confusion about the presence of communism in the United States.

According to Moore, the growing alliance between the Democratic Party and the Communist Party is a dangerous trend in America, with a shift to the left by the Democratic Party.

He and the host, Stuart Varney, both shared their experiences as refugees from socialist systems and voiced concerns about the direction the country is heading.

In response to the news about the former aide’s communist affiliation, Moore proposed a somewhat tongue-in-cheek solution.

He suggested providing those who support communism, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her aides, with one-way tickets to countries like Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea.

He also recommended educational resources such as George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of the flaws of communism.

Shifting the conversation to another topic, Moore discussed his recent op-ed titled “The Green Movement Is a Jobs Killer, Are Unions Finally Figuring This Out?” inspired by the United Auto Workers’ withholding of their endorsement of President Joe Biden due to concerns over the impact of green energy policies on union jobs.

Moore warned union workers about the de-industrialization agenda associated with the radical green agenda and expressed support for unions recognizing the potential threat to blue-collar jobs.

The interview concluded with gratitude for Moore’s presence, and Stuart Varney jokingly almost mistook him for Steve Forbes.

Stephen Moore thanked the host and signed off.

While the specific TV channel and title of the news article were not provided, the content appears to be a transcript or summary of a conversation between economist Stephen Moore and Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

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