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In a video update, meteorologist Kevin Skarupa forecasts a warming trend starting today, bringing higher temperatures and sunny weather over the next few days.

However, there is a possibility of rain before the weekend.

Kevin Skarupa, a well-known meteorologist, has provided an update on the weather conditions in a recent video.

According to Skarupa, there will be a noticeable change in the weather pattern starting today.

He predicts that the next few days will be marked by a warming trend, resulting in higher temperatures compared to previous days.

Additionally, Skarupa mentions that sunshine will be prevalent during this period, offering ideal conditions for outdoor activities and enjoyment of the pleasant weather.

However, Skarupa also advises viewers to remain prepared for a potential change in the forecast before the weekend.

There is a chance of rain in the upcoming days, which could dampen the spirits of those hoping for an entirely dry and sunny weekend.

Despite this possibility, Skarupa remains hopeful that the majority of the warm and sunny conditions will persist, ensuring an enjoyable period for outdoor enthusiasts.

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