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Let’s go for a walk, even though it’s a bit damp outside. However, the rain is starting to clear up, as indicated by the brighter colors. Justin Lewis is currently analyzing the data to determine if this fall will be one of the top 10 wettest on record. Currently, there is still some rain in Yonkers, but it’s improving in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

There’s more focus on Fairfield County, but even there, you’ll get a break in Pound Ridge. This is good news for school drop off, as the day will warm up with temperatures reaching 68 degrees, which is 10 degrees above average. However, there will be a significant drop in temperature tomorrow, with a chill returning.

A slight breeze today will help dry surfaces. On Wednesday night into Thursday, there will be a bit of wet, with a possibility of icing in parts of the Hudson Valley.

Although it won’t be a lot, it shows the variation in weather we can expect in the coming days. Today will be mild with a high of 68 degrees, becoming even brighter in the afternoon. Tonight will be pleasant with a low of 43 degrees and a hint of colder air settling in.

Wednesday will see a significant drop in temperature, followed by a slightly messy Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, the next big system will miss us to the South on Saturday and Sunday. However, be prepared for high temperatures on Sunday and Monday.

Today is also retinol day, so we will discuss skincare and UV exposure. As for the question of whether we are in the top 10 for wettest falls, we are still waiting for the final data. Please note that there is no betting involved, just anticipation..

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