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of a South Fulton neighborhood claimed they were denied the right to vote at their designated precinct due to a redistricting error. Eric Perry of Fox News investigated the matter and spoke to election officials to uncover the details. Multiple individuals reported that when they arrived at the polling center, workers informed them they were in the wrong district, contradicting their belief that they were in the correct one.

It appears that the mistake was made by the polling center, rather than the voters themselves. Karen Norris, one of the affected voters, described her ordeal when attempting to cast her vote during early voting. She stated that while her daughter was allowed to vote, she was made to wait for an extended period because she was told she belonged to District six instead of District five, where she actually lived. Norris is certain she resides in District five and believes the confusion arose from recent redistricting changes, which also affected her neighbors.

Another voter, an elderly gentleman, encountered a similar situation when he was wrongly informed by a staff member that he was in District six. After visiting the registrar’s office, Norris was able to rectify the issue and cast her vote.

The Secretary of State’s office was contacted and they confirmed that Fulton County had handled the matter internally without seeking external assistance. Norris fears that the damage has already been done, as other individuals, particularly older African-Americans, may not have had the opportunity to make their voices heard in the election. She hopes that all problems will be resolved by the next voting period.

Norris emphasizes the importance of challenging any discrepancies in the information provided to voters. Further inquiry has been made to the election officials in Fulton County, and a response is awaited. Reporting from downtown Atlanta, this is Eric Perry for Fox 5 News..

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