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A Von Ormy woman named Natalie Martinez is shaken after a terrifying road rage incident in which a driver allegedly pointed a gun at her vehicle multiple times while she was driving with her son on State Highway 16.

Martinez recounted the incident, stating that when the man attempted to pass her, she noticed him holding a gun and pointing it at her before shifting his aim towards her son.

Fearing for their lives, Martinez’s son immediately cowered in the front seat.

Disturbing photos captured the encounter near Loop 1604.

As a result of the incident, Martinez’s son is currently staying at a different location, and she herself is fearful that the suspect will track her down.

Martinez has chosen to share her story to raise awareness about the dangerous driver, and it has gained traction on social media, with others claiming to have had similar encounters with the same individual.

Expressing her concern for other drivers’ safety, Martinez hopes that no one else will have to experience the fear she endured that day.

She has filed a report of deadly conduct with the Bear County Sheriff’s Office, determined to see the man held accountable for his actions.

The Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the report but stated that the accused driver denies the allegations.

No arrests have been made so far, and the case remains under investigation.

In the meantime, Martinez’s son is staying with family for protection, while she navigates her options and seeks peace of mind in her Von Ormy home, where she also operates a business.

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