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Volunteers Clean Up Trash in Utah’s Sand Mountain OHV Area

A group of volunteers has participated in the largest service project ever at the Sand Mountain OHV Area in Southern Utah.

The area, which spans 20,000 acres of off-road terrain just 10 miles east of St.

George, has recently been littered with trash.

The landscape has been attracting new riders who are unfamiliar with the terrain, leading to a divide between the side-by-side, dirt bike, and 4×4 communities.

To improve accessibility and address the littering problem, the Public Lands Alliance brought together dozens of volunteers to clean up and install directional signs at trail intersections.

Sand Mountain is one of the few open OHV areas in Utah, meaning riders can go anywhere they want.

The Bureau of Land Management relies on the passion of volunteers to help manage the land and engage the community.

The volunteers’ efforts aim to preserve the unique area and allow more people to explore and experience southern Utah’s beauty.

As one volunteer said, “It’s not government land, it’s your land.

We need to treat it as such.”

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