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Virginia Women Outpace Men in Home Ownership, According to New Study

As Women’s History Month continues, a new study has found that single women in Virginia are outpacing single men in home ownership.

The study, conducted by lending tree, found that women in Virginia own about 13% of all homes, while men only own about 9%.

This trend is not just limited to Virginia, as nationally, single women own over two and a half million more homes than men.

Experts say that home ownership is a smart investment for women, as it builds equity for themselves and their families, rather than building equity for someone else by paying rent.

Homeownership also symbolizes security and breaks the stigma of needing a man to help maintain and update the property.

Some women are even buying homes and renting out rooms to their friends or renting out the entire house for income and retirement funding.

Female real estate agents are also making a name for themselves, accounting for about 56% of agents.

Empowering women through homeownership is not only a gift, but a solid investment for the future.

The study found similar trends in North Carolina, where single women own about 14% of homes and single men own about 10%.

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