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Man Caught on Video Attacking and Throwing Dog in Clear Case of Animal Cruelty Virginia mental health facility employees charged with second-degree murder in death of Irvo Otieno

The family of 28-year-old Irvo Otieno, who died in the custody of a Virginia mental health facility, has spoken out after viewing the tape of the fatal incident.

Three more employees of the Central State Hospital mental health facility have been charged with second-degree murder, in addition to the seven sheriff deputies already charged.

Otieno died of asphyxiation after being restrained and held down for 11-12 minutes by a group of individuals while face down, handcuffed, and with leg irons.

He had been taken to the hospital for evaluation after responding to a burglary call, but became physically agitated.

The family claims that he needed help, not mistreatment.

The Central State Hospital mental health facility has not yet responded to the charging of its employees.

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