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A viral TikTok-famous corgi named Lilo is capturing attention as it predicts the fate of the Warriors-Lakers series.

This basketball-playing corgi has gained a reputation for accurately predicting winners, and now fans are eagerly awaiting its prediction for the ongoing series.

The corgi has successfully predicted every game in the Lakers-Warriors second round, which has surprised many considering the dog is believed to be a Lakers fan but is predicting a Warriors win.

Despite this apparent contradiction, fans are hopeful that Lilo’s prediction is a good sign for the Warriors.

The video of Lilo making its predictions has impressed viewers, who marvel at how the dog uses its nose to make accurate forecasts.

Some skeptics question whether the video has been manipulated, but it is confirmed that Lilo has a history of successfully predicting outcomes.

The news anchors also mention their own experience with a predicting dog in the past, emphasizing that Lilo’s abilities are impressive.

As Lilo predicts three straight wins for the Warriors, fans hope that the corgi’s accuracy continues, even suggesting that Lilo should sit next to Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

Whether as a lucky charm or an emotional support animal, Lilo’s presence seems to be a perfect fit for the series.

The news anchors express their curiosity about where Lilo lives and suggest bringing the corgi to their show for an appearance.

Fans eagerly await Lilo’s next prediction, hoping that it aligns with their favorite team’s success in the Warriors-Lakers series.

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