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Danville Man Brutally Attacked in Costco Parking Lot Over Parking Spot Dispute

A heated argument over a parking spot turned violent on Sunday when Craig Blackburn, a resident of Danville, was viciously attacked in a Costco parking lot.

Recounting the incident, Blackburn described the harrowing experience, stating, “I’m feeling like I got run over by a steamroller.

My whole body is sore.”

The altercation took place outside the Costco location on Astoria Way.

Blackburn had just finished his shopping and was loading up his car when the confrontation ensued.

According to Blackburn, the driver waiting for his spot grew impatient and began hurling insults, urging him to hurry up.

Insults about Blackburn’s weight and eating habits were exchanged, and the aggressor demanded his parking spot.

Blackburn, standing his ground, told the driver to find another spot.

The situation quickly escalated as other bystanders started honking their horns.

Eventually, Blackburn decided to park elsewhere, but upon his return to his car, he found the assailant waiting for him.

Without warning, the attacker reached into the vehicle, snatched Blackburn’s sunglasses, and callously threw them to the ground.

As Blackburn exited his car, he was suddenly struck on the knee, causing him to fall onto his shoulder.

Witnesses immediately called 911, and both police and firefighters swiftly arrived at the scene.

However, the suspect had already fled.

Blackburn received on-site medical attention before being transported to the hospital.

“I was in the hospital there for about six hours, got a cat scan and 10 or 15 X-rays,” he shared, highlighting the severity of his injuries.

Following the incident, Blackburn reached out to the Danville police chief to demand justice.

While no arrests were made initially, Blackburn’s friend, who also contacted the authorities, received conflicting information.

According to an email response from the mayor’s office, an arrest was made, and charges were filed.

The case is currently under investigation, and upon its completion, it will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review.

Expressing his desire for a thorough prosecution, Blackburn urged the community to speak up and demand action.

“We’re tired of all this happening.

We want you to help us instead of letting all these people go,” he asserted.

Blackburn, determined to feel safe while running errands in his own community, has sought legal assistance.

Describing the assailant as an individual with a scruffy gray beard driving an older model white Toyota Corolla, Blackburn hopes that justice will prevail in his case.

Meanwhile, the residents of Danville are left grappling with the alarming incident, highlighting the need for stronger measures to ensure public safety.

Reporting live from Danville, this is Elissa Harrington for KTVU News.

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